It’s not that often in the Land of Steady Habits that dozens of seats in the state legislature are left vacant at the same time by lawmakers’ retirements or other election plans (voluntary plans, for example, if the legislator chooses to step down or run for another office; or involuntary, when their party chooses another candidate).

But that’s the case this election season, when, so far, there are 28 so-called “open seats”—four in the state Senate, and 24 in the House.

In all of these 28 districts, the vacancies also open the door for voters to perhaps look at new candidates with new perspectives in the state legislature.

Surprisingly, however, in some of the districts, there is only one major-party candidate running—perhaps a missed opportunity to present voters with a real choice.

It’s also important to note that some of the open seats will mean significant leadership changes in the next legislature.

For example, three leaders in the Senate are not seeking reelection: Labor Committee Chair Sen. Edith Prague (D-Columbia), Finance Committee Chair Sen. Eileen Daily (D-Westbrook), and Sen. Andrew Roraback (R-Goshen), ranking member of the Finance and Environment committees. In addition, Labor Committee Vice Chair Sen. Ed Gomes (D-Bridgeport) was defeated in a Democratic primary.

And many of the not-returning House incumbents also held important committee and caucus positions.

While the presidential campaign naturally will get the lion’s share of the attention this fall, Connecticut voters should pay close attention to their legislative contests.

That’s because many of the laws most directly impacting them, their families and their employers come from the General Assembly.

Here’s a list of the open seats in the legislature this year:

State Senate

District 19: Columbia, Franklin, Hebron, Lebanon, Ledyard, Lisbon, Marlborough, Montville, Norwich, Sprague. Current legislator: Sen. Edith Prague (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Chris Coutu (R)
  • Catherine Osten (D)

District 23: Bridgeport, Stratford. Current legislator: Sen. Ed Gomes (D), defeated in primary

  • Andres Ayala Jr. (D)
  • Casimir Mizera (R) 

District 30: Brookfield, Canaan, Cornwall, Goshen, Kent, Litchfield, Morris, New Milford, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, Torrington, Warren, Winchester. Current legislator: Sen. Andrew Roraback (R), running for Congress. Candidates:

  • Clark Chapin (R)
  • William Riiska (D)

District 33: Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Old Saybrook, Portland, Westbrook. Current legislator:  Sen. Eileen Daily (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Jim Crawford (D)
  • Art Linares (R)

State House of Representatives

District 4: Hartford. Current legislator: Rep. Kelvin Roldan (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Angel Arce (D)
  • Rico Dence (R)

District 5: Windsor, Hartford. Current legislator: Rep. Marie Lopez Kirkley-Bey (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Leo Canty (D)
  • Paul Panos (R)

District 6: Hartford. Current legislator:Rep. Hector Robles (D), defeated in primary. Candidates:

  • Michael Lupo (R)
  • Edwin Vargas (D)

District 13: Manchester, Glastonbury. Current legislator: Rep. John Thompson (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Joseph Diminico (D)
  • Mark Tweedy (R)

District 16: Simsbury. Current legislator: Rep. Linda Schofield (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Charity Folk (R)
  • John Hampton (D)

District 34: East Hampton, East Haddam, Colchester . Current legislator: Rep. Gail Hamm (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Christopher Goff (D)
  • Melissa Ziobron (R)

District 35: Clinton, Killingworth, Westbrook. Current legislator: Rep. James Crawford (D), running for State Senate. Candidates:

  • Tom Vicino (D)
  • John Samperi (R)

District 42: Ledyard, Montville, Preston. Current legislator: Rep. Thomas Reynolds (D), not seeking reelection. Candidate:

  • Timothy Bowles (D)

District 46: Norwich. Current legislator: Rep. Melissa Olson-Riley (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Mikel Middleton (R)
  • Emmett Riley (D)

District 47: Canterbury, Norwich, Scotland, Sprague, Chaplin, Lebanon, Lisbon, Franklin, Hampton. Current legislator: Rep. Christopher Coutu (R), running for State Senate. Candidates:

  • Noah Enslow (R)
  • Brian Sear (D)

District 58: Enfield. Current legislator: Kathy Tallarita (D), defeated in primary. Candidates:

  • David Alexander (D)
  • Thomas Sirard (R)

District 63: Barkhamsted, Canaan, Colebrook, Hartland, Norfolk, North Canaan, Winchester. Current legislator: Rep. John Rigby (R), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Jay Case (R)
  • Michael Renzullo (D)

District 67: New Milford. Current legislator: Rep. Clark Chapin (R), running for State Senate. Candidates:

  • Cecilia Buck-Taylor  (R)
    Andrew Grossman (D)

District 75: Waterbury. Current legislator: David Aldarondo (D), defeated in primary

  • John Alseph Jr. (R)
  • Victor Cuevas (D)

District 81: Southington. Current legislator: Zeke Zalaski (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Cheryl Lounsbury (R)
  • David Zoni (D)

District 84: Meriden. Current legislator: Rep. Christopher Donovan (D), not seeking re-election. Candidate:

  • Hilda Santiago (D)
  • David Swedock (R)

District 91: Hamden. Current legislator: Rep. Peter Villano (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Michael D'Agostino (D)

District 106: Newtown. Current legislator: Rep. Christopher Lyddy (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Mitch Bolinsky (R)
  • Lisa Romano (D)

District 109: Danbury. Current legislator: Rep. Joseph Taborsak (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • David Arconti Jr. (D)
  • Andrew Wetmore (R)

District 119: Milford, Orange. Current legislator: Rep. Richard Roy (D), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • James Maroney (D)
  • Pam Staneski (R)

District 123: Trumbull. Current legislator: Rep. T.R. Rowe (R), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Tom Christiano (D)
  • Dave Rutigliano (R)

District 125: New Canaan, Wilton. Current legislator: Rep. John Hetherington (R), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Thomas O’Dea (R)
  • Mark Robbins (D)

District 128: Bridgeport. Current legislator: Rep. Andres Ayala (D), running for State Senate. Candidates:

  • Manuel Bataguas (R)
  • Christine Ayala (D)

District 150: Greenwich. Current legislator: Rep. Lile Gibbons (R), not seeking reelection. Candidates:

  • Stephanie Paulmeno (D)
  • Stephen Walko (R)