Like an overtime in an NBA playoff game, state lawmakers used this week’s special session to finish much business they were not able to settle in the regular session that ended in May.

Packed into the two bills they approved yesterday (SB 501 and  HB 6001) were proposals:

  • Expanding the state’s small business job-creation programs
  • Allowing all cities and towns to delay property tax revaluations
  • Creating programs to boost Connecticut products and touris
  • Addressing the funding crisis in the state’s underground storage tanks
  • Encouraging energy efficiency improvements at commercial and industrial facilities

Many lawmakers were concerned that the bills’ size—a combined nearly 700 pages of proposals—went far beyond the normal scope of special sessions which usually deal with budget-implementing bills.

Still, some of the measures, such as the small business job-creation proposals, already had widespread support but got lost in the political shuffle at the end of the regular session.

Not taken up this week was the proposal from the regular session to increase the state’s minimum wage.

CBIA will have complete coverage of the session, and other developments in state and federal government, in this week’s Government Affairs Report.