Reporter Harriet Jones and National Public Radio's Small Business Project are doing a terrific job examining the issues faced by Connecticut's small businesses as they struggle to just survive, let alone succeed.

Jones today profiled Prestige Tool Manufacturing (a CBIA member company). The MIlford company makes precision parts for a variety of applications, from helicopters to news cameras to pressure gauges.

Prestige is owned by the plain-talking Ken Dugan, who left a successful career at GE to start his own business. You'll enjoy listening to Dugan's very articulate anaylsis of the current business climate in Connecticut, including this telling quote:

"Instead of raising taxes on the businesses, if the business is allowed to prosper, and you’re allowed to hire people when you need them, the workers are going to create the tax revenue that they need—not the businesses.”

Feel free to share the NPR profile with your local legislators.

Also worth listening to is one of Dugan's employees, Todd Tobin, who lost his auto industry job in Michigan, returned home to Connecticut, worked through an apprenticeship at Prestige, and earned his tradesman's card.

And that's how you create a job.