Governor Malloy today outlined his priorities for the next state budget. He spoke at length about how taxpayers can no longer afford the size and scope of state government--and that the state's top priority must be jobs.

"Without jobs, government’s resources will dry up, its programs will become exhausted, and the relief they provide will be temporary, to no lasting effect."

Gov. Malloy also said, "we simply cannot sustain this government in its present form.  It’s too expensive, and we don’t have the money to do it."  

"From this day forth, state government will exist to help create jobs, not just to perpetuate itself."

Earlier in the day, Gov. Malloy's budget chief Ben Barnes outlined more details about the budget proposal

Previously, the administration gave media a preview of the $1.5 billion in tax increases and changes.

CBIA will have updates and reactions as events develop today.