Standing at the edge--of a new year, cliff, or other vista—does present an interesting opportunity to consider how you got there and where you may be heading.

Who knows what will happen as we race toward the nation’s fiscal cliff, but here in Connecticut, the fiscal and legislative stories have already been written for 2012.

This year’s hallmark achievement was a bipartisan package of reforms designed to change Connecticut’s public education system, narrow the achievement gap, and raise student performance across the state.

Lawmakers also expanded the programs adopted in 2011’s Jobs Session and improved on last year’s significant brownfields legislation. And they patched persistent state budget deficits.

So, if football bowl-watching is not your cup of tea this New Year’s weekend, or you’d like to postpone taking down the Christmas tree, you could review the year’s accomplishments and get ready for the new session of the General Assembly, starting on Jan. 9.

Here’s how:

Wrapping Up 2012

  • CBIA’s Summary of Business Legislation contains information about laws enacted in 2012 by the Connecticut General Assembly, in regular (February to May) and special (June) session, which impact businesses of all sizes throughout the state.
  • Stories here, here and here remind us of where Connecticut’s business climate, economy and fiscal condition stand at the end of the year.

What of 2013?

We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year and invite you to join us (at and for all of the news, developments and accomplishments of Connecticut’s economy and policy-making worlds in 2013.