And the winner is ... poetic justice?

The famously overlooked ballot in the 5th House District (Hartford and Windsor) Democratic primary was for—surprise!--the candidate who ultimately can’t win the race.

We’re guessing that many assumed it would be either for Leo Canty or for Brandon McGee, who are tied in votes, and that all would be settled.

Not so fast—the vote was for Donald Trinks, who finished a distant third in the race.

But at least it was at least good theater in the court room, as CT News Junkie’s Christine Stuart reports:

[Judge Susan A.] Peck opened the envelope as those in the court gallery waited on the edge of their seats for the result. Peck smiled as she looked at the ballot and then called the attorneys up to the bench to inspect it.

As Attorney William Sweeney turned to walk back to his seat, he quietly said “Trinks!” and the gallery erupted in laughter. The race was tied yet again.

“This is comparable to Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s safe,” he quipped.

Now there’s going to be a second runoff for Democratic voters in the 5th state House District, on Oct. 2. 

Lesson to voters: Don’t assume anything, pay attention, and be sure to vote.  

It will be interesting to see if the vote tallies in Hartford and Windsor increase this time around. People who passed up the opportunity—or rather, the responsibility—the first time in August are now getting a second chance.

Another lesson: With headlines about the candidates changing every day, we don’t know what else might happen between now and Election Day. But we can arm ourselves with information about the candidates.  

Our Election 2012 website is a great resource for finding out about this year’s General Assembly candidates (who don’t get the same kind of publicity national and congressional candidates do).

Check it out and take care of what you can control on November 6th—your own vote.