The state’s health insurance exchange (Access Health) will continue to meet this summer to prepare for its next open enrollment in November (for individuals) and to plan for its future. 

At its May meeting, Access Health’s Board of Directors discussed enrollment, marketing, and finances--including a market assessment the exchange uses to help pay for its operations.

This legislative session, the budget implementer bill (HB 5597) gave the state exchange the power to enforce this assessment on health and dental insurance carriers by reporting those who don’t pay up to the Connecticut Department of Insurance.

Last year, the board approved an assessment of 1.35 % of premium which equals about $25.7 million.

At this week’s meeting, the board approved a 1.35% assessment for next year as well which could bring in about $28.2 million for the state’s exchange—close to half of its planned fiscal year budget of approximately $66.8 million.      

Subcommittees of the state exchange are expected to meet during the summer, including one on strategy.

CBIA will continue to follow the activities of Access Health with particular attention to the market assessment and its impact on the costs in Connecticut. 

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