Since taking office, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has charged state agencies with finding ways to work leaner and smarter. This week, several of his agency chiefs reported on the progress they’re making.

The 70-page report is a catalog of how agencies are employing new ideas, new technologies and common sense to streamline and save.

The Governor called the report a good start, but added, “clearly, we have a lot more work to do.” </p>

Among the report highlights:

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says it has cut processing time for inspecting underground fuel storage tanks from nearly 48 days to about an hour and a half.   

The DMV reports it has cut commercial vehicle registration for interstate carriers from 18 days to less than 2 days.

The DRS has reorganized, consolidated and cut costs through lean processes to produce $8.25 million in operational savings.

State police are cutting costs and travel time by allowing troopers to refuel their cruisers at DOT fuel stations.

The results are both impressive and encouraging, because streamlining is going to have to play an increasingly larger role in the scope and cost of state government.

Economists predict Connecticut’s economy will continue its slow recovery perhaps for years, and the state comptroller projects that the current-year state budget is out of balance by $27 million.

Reining in spending is fiscally necessary and very important to giving businesses the confidence they need to invest more in Connecticut and increase job creation.  

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