Your Letter of Opposition Is Needed

The legislature's Labor Committee is holding a public hearing this Tuesday, Feb. 1, that will include HB-5460 An Act Concerning Captive Audience Meetings, that will change the way you're allowed to communicate with your employees.

What it will do:

This bill restricts you from talking with your employees, at mandatory staff meetings, about a wide range of subjects that you routinely discuss with your employees.

Defined as off-limits by the bill:

  • News from the State Capitol, politics, local issues, etc.  
  • Charitable campaigns (e.g., company blood drives, charitable fundraising, etc) 

The bill deems these topics “political” and therefore restricted.

Clearly, employers need to be able to communicate fully with their employees, especially during a tough, unpredictable economy. That's why a letter of opposition is needed at this time.

Please write a letter to the Labor Committee today on your company letterhead if possible:

  • Urge them to reject HB-5460 as a proposal that is harmful to Connecticut businesses.
  • Describe how it would harm your business, your employees and your workplace environment.
  • Personalize it and put it in your own words, which is preferred by legislators. Be sure to use your company's letterhead if at all possible.
  • We will submit your letter to the Labor Committee as testimony in opposition to the bill.

Address your letter:

To: Members of the Legislature's Labor and Public Employees Committee
Subject: Reject HB-5460 An Act Concerning Captive Audience Meetings

Send it to us:                                                    

Just e-mail your completed letter (as an attachment) to CBIA's Kia Murrell at  by Monday, Jan. 31. You also may call Murrell at 860.244.1931 for more information.

Thank you for your help and participation.