The state is warning Connecticut businesses not to respond to bogus forms being sent by the “Division of Corporate Services” seeking payment for an “Annual Records Statement,” alleging that payment is required by state law.

[Here is a copy of the fraudulent form.]

The scammers are attempting to fraudulently collect money from companies that need to comply with a state reporting requirement. 

“Businesses registered with the state of Connecticut are required by law to file only Annual Reports with our office, which are very minimal in nature,” said Secretary of the State Denise Merrill.  “There is no legal requirement for any business to file the minutes or bylaws that this company is offering to file, in exchange for payment.”

To avoid being defrauded by bogus mailings, businesses should:

  • Review the fine print. Many will state that it “does not officially represent the State of Connecticut or other government entity,” or something similar. However, not all fake solicitations include this disclosure, so it’s always best to confirm with the appropriate official source, especially before sending any payment.
  • Beware of mailings from companies with the word “compliance” in their name.
  • Simply because an email address contains the .us designation does not mean it is from the U.S. or any state government.     

If unsure about the legitimacy of a business filing notice, check call the secretary of the state’s office (860.509.6003) or visit the office's website.

Any business receiving “invoice” or other request for payment for unordered, undelivered or unsolicited services should notify the Department of Consumer Protection (; 800.842.2649).