An attempt to trample the constitutionally protected free-speech rights of businesses--and pile even more unnecessary burdens onto them--is awaiting possible action by the House.

A section of HB 5528 is a response to the Citizens United case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court and a legislative attempt, say advocates, to ban so-called super PACs (political action committees) in Connecticut.

Section 16 places significant and unnecessary administrative burdens on Connecticut companies. It requires every business in the state to notify its shareholders of any political campaign-related activity by the company.

And it requires companies to go to their governing bodies to first obtain approval for any campaign-related expenditures of $4,000 or more.

Citizens United affirmed the free-speech rights of corporations. This proposal tries to block those rights by encumbering businesses with needless busywork.

The sophomoric requirements of Sec. 16 will have a chilling effect on Connecticut's business climate and economic recovery.

CBIA continues to urge lawmakers to reject the misguided proposal contained in HB 5528.