It was relatively quiet on the business law and liability front this legislative session. Here are the most noteworthy bills considered by lawmakers.

Second Chance

The governor’s proposal to give nonviolent offenders the opportunity to become taxpaying, productive members of society was contained in SB 952. This "Second Chance" society bill matches reform recommendations made by the Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century and will get its own “second chance” during the upcoming special session.


PA 15-48 (SB 967) maintains consistency of Connecticut corporate laws and keeps the state in sync with the Model Business Act. It amends certain provisions of the Connecticut Business Corporation Act, Uniform Limited Partnership and the Connecticut Limited Liability Company Act regarding proxies, voting trusts and qualifications for directors.

Statute of limitations

One new law PA 15-28 (SB 1032) creates a much needed and reasonable statute of limitations—10 years—for the state to bring legal action in certain construction projects and contracts. It’s a response to the Connecticut Supreme Court decision in State of Connecticut v. Lombardo , et al. in which the court found a statute of limitations for commencing litigation does not apply to the state.

Another proposal (SB 1028) would have unreasonably extended the current statute of limitations by allowing people who turn 18 to sue for negligence for personal injuries they suffered when they were minors. It failed, however, in the House.

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