As the closing days of the 2011 legislative session approach, the future of Connecticut's energy policy is the subject of numerous closed-door meetings at the State Capitol where lawmakers and the administration are working to make sure Connecticut has an affordable, diverse, reliable and sustainable energy future.

This year's most significant energy bill was introduced early in the session and given the prestigious designation of Senate Bill No. 1 in the hope that, unlike last year, a relatively quick and transparent consensus among government and stakeholders could be achieved.

But with a new administration aiming to create an executive agency that will establish and administer energy policy, it was perhaps inevitable that the legislature's Energy and Technology Committee -- for many years thr driver of state energy policy -- would not easily cede that position.

While there is an urgency that the final proposal be acceptable to the committee, legislature and administration, businesses’ concerns also must be addressed.

Connecticut faces many serious energy policy issues, none more important than relieving our economy of the burden of some of the highest energy costs in the country, significantly more expensive than in other New England states.

CBIA will continue to reach out to policymakers and inform them of businesses concerns and work to improve Connecticut's energy policy in an effort to make the state more competitive.

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