The legislature has approved a bill (SB 1032) creating a fair and reasonable statute of limitations on claims that the state and municipalities may initiate relating to construction projects.

A response to the ruling in the State of Connecticut  vs. Lombardo Brothers Mason Contractors, et. al , which left contractors vulnerable to open-ended litigation, the bill fixes the problem by defining the statute of limitations as 10 years from substantial completion of the project.

Lawmakers also passed SB 967, which promotes the consistency of Connecticut corporate laws and keeps laws in sync with Model Business Act. It amendscertain provisions of the Connecticut Business Corporation Act, Uniform Limited Partnership, and the Connecticut Limited Liability Company Act regarding proxies, voting trusts and qualifications for directors.   

Among those bills still being considered is SB 1028, which unreasonably extends the current statute of limitations for minors to bring actions for alleged injury. As amended, the proposal extends the current three-year statute of repose to seven years. 

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