Legislation legalizing the sale and use of recreational marijuana in Connecticut advanced out of a key legislative committee this week.

The legislature's Judiciary Committee approved the 200-plus page bill on a 22-16 vote April 6 following an hour-long debate.

SB 888 creates a regulatory scheme to manage and oversee the creation of a recreational cannabis marketplace.

The bill includes workplace protections, with language allowing employers to continue to drug test current and prospective employees, with some limitations. 

Specifically, the proposal ensures employers, like those in aerospace and defense industries, continue to have the right to adhere and enforce federal regulatory drug testing requirements and obligations.

Safe Workplaces

These sections of the bill will help employers maintain safe working conditions for all employees. 

The bill also includes language addressing the needs of people and communities most adversely impacted by the state's longtime prohibition of marijuana, allocating revenues as follows:

  • 55% of cannabis-related revenues will go toward social equity efforts
  • 15% of revenues dedicated to prevention and recovery services
  • 30% of revenues will go into the state's general fund

CBIA will continue to monitor the development of this proposal to ensure critical employer protection and drug testing requirements remain in the bill.

For more information, contact CBIA's John Blair (860.244.1921).