A traffic-clearing bill sped its way through another legislative committee without a single no vote—mainly because it’s a good way to improve traffic in Connecticut.

Under SB 481  the commissioners of Transportation, Emergency Services and Public Protection, and Energy and Environmental Protection would develop and implement an accident response plan—and continuously look for more ways to more efficiently clear congestion from, and causing, traffic accidents.

What’s best about the bill is that it could provide some near-immediate relief to the traffic congestion woes of Connecticut’s commuters--and according to the legislature's nonpartisan budgeting office, it won't cost taxpayers a dime.

In a 2013 survey of Connecticut businesses, respondents said that traffic congestion was the state’s No. 1 transportation-related issue.

Similar program developed in other states have had tremendous success in reducing accident clearance times.

A program in Washington State in 2012 helped to clear more than 10,000 accidents with an average clearance time of 14 minutes. 

We encourage lawmakers to keep SB 481 on a traffic-free ride through the legislative process and straight to the Governor's desk. 

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