The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is in the midst of a multi-year, comprehensive reform of its environmental reporting and cleanup programs.

DEEP has released a Request for Proposals to hire an experienced risk-assessment firm to analyze Connecticut’s cleanup standards and compare them with those of the federal government and other selected states.

This is intended to help the state revise its standards so that they reflect the best practices for the risk assessment industry. A report and recommendations are due in October of 2014.

Businesses also should anticipate several new discussion drafts related to environmental cleanup to be released by DEEP between now and the end of the year for refinement and finalization in 2014.  

Topics will include reporting requirements and new tools to expedite environmental cleanups.

The water and cleanup proposals will all have significant implications for businesses and economic development in Connecticut, and CBIA’s Environmental Policies Council (EPC) and its members will be involved in the discussions and negotiations for all of them. 

To learn more, and how to become an EPC member and be part of the effort to make Connecticut’s environmental policies more compatible with economic growth, contact Eric Brown at 860.244.1926 or