Goal: Encourage employers to maintain or create jobs in Connecticut by avoiding new mandates or higher costs. Keeping and creating good jobs needs to be the top priority in the legislature, and that means giving employers confidence in Connecticut as a good place in which to operate a business. Connecticut employers have a long history of providing their employees with quality workplaces. Legislative proposals dealing with the workplace should be judged according to whether they will help or hurt jobs. Any proposals that would prevent employers from creating or retaining good jobs should be non-starters.

Improve Connecticut’s unemployment compensation system

  • Clarify eligibility standards so that they are balanced and temporarily compensate claimants who have lost work through no fault of their own
  • Encourage individuals to accept suitable employment so that they return to work as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that people receiving benefits are actively seeking meaningful work
  • Ensure that unemployment taxes are reasonable and controlled, allowing businesses to hire, invest and grow the state’s economy.

Reject minimum paid-time-off work mandates that ignore employers’ financial circumstances, operating needs or existing workplace policies.

Reject any proposals that would increase workers’ compensation costs or add administrative burdens; maintain the system’s integrity so that it is fair, efficient and cost-effective for employers.

Reject captive audience proposals that restrain workplace communications and prevent employees from hearing directly from their employers about issues that affect their jobs, benefits or workplace.

Reject “card check” proposals that take away the democratic, secret-ballot process in labor union elections and deny workers the right to hear all sides and make their decisions without pressure.

Avoid inventing categories for workplace claims that penalize employers for employee actions beyond their control.

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