This week, the House approved a proposal that would prohibit many Connecticut businesses and residents from choosing their electricity supplier. The amendment to HB-6636 will affect energy customers that use 100 kilowatts or less.

All energy ratepayers should be able to decide whether or not to use a competitive supplier for their electricity needs. HB-6636 would leave that option only to largest energy users.

Earlier in the session, the Energy and Technology Committee decided not to vote on a similar matter that would have repealed electricity competition for energy users with a load of 500 kilowatts or less.

Resurrecting this idea now could prevent many small businesses and state residents from operating in the competitive electric marketplace—in which nearly 30% of Connecticut’s small to midsize commercial and industrial customers currently function.

In short, taking away the power of choice for businesses and residents alike would be a bad choice for Connecticut’s economy. Affordable, reliable energy is critically important to Connecticut’s economy and businesses should have the flexibility to choose the method that best meets their electricity needs.

Unfortunately, the amendment to HB-6636 undermines residents’ and businesses’ power to choose.

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