State legislators have a choice for the rest of the 2015 session: Keep the old habits that have weakened Connecticut’s finances and held back our economy—or tap new ideas and new approaches for better results and a stronger future.

Clearly, that’s the choice for the new two-year state budget.

It’s time to get off the roller coaster ride of deficits and tax increases, and choose the stability of a more effective, efficient, and affordable state government.

Nearly every other major issue in the legislature—from energy, healthcare, and the workplace, to transportation and regulatory policy—gives legislators the opportunity to go for new approaches and better results.

The old ways—more tax increases; top-down, one-size-fits-all micromanagement of job creators; state spending without accountability; and increasing costs—don’t belong in today’s economy that favors flexibility and adaptability. 

America’s best performing states—identified by CNBC, Forbes and others—are those that are leaning state government, improving services, taming high costs, and driving economic growth.

Connecticut’s state government should focus on delivering its core functions and creating an environment that allows our economy to perform at its best.

That’s one way to #MoveCTUp in national competitiveness rankings.

With just two months left to the 2015 session, this week we look at the legislative issues with the most impact on jobs and economic activity in Connecticut.

Where do we stand and where do we need to be? Here’s a look at the most important issues, and the Status Report of Business Legislation  contains a more comprehensive update.