This fall, more than 150 key Connecticut stakeholders participated in the first Project B.E.S.T. (Bring Every Stakeholder Together) summit to brainstorm how to improve Connecticut’s fiscal condition and economic future.

Results released this week show how the diverse participants saw eye-to-eye on many ways to grow Connecticut’s economy and stabilize the state budget.

The summit was organized by the first partnership of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, Connecticut AFL-CIO, and CBIA.

While attendees spanned a wide range of groups, programs, causes, and perspectives, all shared a common goal: Making Connecticut an even better place in which to live, work, and succeed.

And after two days of candid discussion and exchange of ideas at the summit, there were plenty areas of agreement.

In fact, the report includes many recommendations that CBIA, as well as the Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century, have made along the way to make government work better and more affordably for taxpayers.

Some of these included creating greater fiscal responsibility, prioritizing and protecting transportation funds, encouraging collaboration among communities, and more.

What’s particularly interesting, especially in light of this week’s special session on the state budget, is that participants identified fiscal reform—including state taxes and long-term obligations—as a quality of life issue.

That’s true—fixing the state budget is not just about numbers, it’s also about the ability of people and their families to live and stay here with good careers and excellent prospects for growing families.

Project B.E.S.T. recommendations, for taxes and regulations, quality of life, transportation and infrastructure, regional solutions, and education and workforce development, can be seen here.

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