With talk again ramping up about federal healthcare changes, it’s a good time to remember that two important cost and quality initiatives in Connecticut are moving forward as well. 

The State Innovation Model (SIM) is designed to change how we pay for healthcare by moving from fee-for-service (with co-pays each time you go to the doctor) to “whole patient centered care” which intends to drive quality and efficiency with financial incentives for doctors. 

While CBIA supports value-based healthcare (which may include such models as whole patient centered care), we strongly opposed a new tax the state legislature passed last year to help implement it. 

Additionally, the SIM recently applied for $45 million in federal dollars to help pay for the program. While Connecticut is competing with other states to receive federal money, we should find out soon if Connecticut will be getting a check.

With $45 million possibly on the way, and with the 2015 legislative session right around the corner, CBIA will be focused on repealing the existing state SIM tax and opposing any additional state taxes for this initiative. 

Another key initiative is The All Payers Claim Database (APCD), which aims to provide consumers with more information about the cost and quality of care from their doctors

This is another initiative that CBIA supports because it should help increase healthcare quality and decrease cost. The APCD is run by a division of Access Health, the state’s exchange, which recently announced a five-year, $7 million (approximately) contract with an IT company to get the database up and running. 

With the initial $7 million for the APCD to be paid from a federal grant to Access Health, no new taxes or fees should be proposed this upcoming legislative session to pay for the effort.

For more information, contact CBIA’s Jennifer Herz at 860.244.1921 | jennifer.herz@cbia.com | @CBIAjherz

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