Was your morning commute today filled with holiday cheer? Or were things slow, treacherous, and annoying as usual?

Earlier this year, CNBC released a report ranking Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure as the second-worst in the United States. 

Based on bumper-to-bumper experience, many of us might agree. It’s been the case for many years. (We also tumbled six places from our 2012 ranking.)

The CNBC transportation ranking came as part of an annual survey of America’s Top States for Business which looked at a number of variables affecting business climate. 

At last check, Connecticut was still mired in job growth that lags the rest of the U.S.

Could there be a connection?

Pardon the pun, but we’ve been down this road before. At the first-ever summit on Connecticut transportation issues on Thursday, Dec. 12 in Stamford, we’ll ask what’s being done to improve transportation in Connecticut, and why it isn’t being done fast enough.

The summit will take at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel—appropriately just a few blocks from I-95, MetroNorth tracks, and Long Island Sound.

Experts, economists, and extremely interested others will take candid look at our state’s transportation present and future. Results of the 2013 Connecticut Transportation Survey will be released.

Featured speakers include:

  • Sen. John McKinney (R-Fairfield), Senate minority leader
  • Anna Barry, deputy commissioner, Connecticut Department of Transportation 
  • Philip Byrd, chairman, American Trucking Associations; president and CEO, Bulldog Hiway Express 
  • Jack Condlin, president, Stamford Chamber of Commerce
  • Pete Gioia, vice president and economist, CBIA
  • Mario Smith, president, Waters Construction Co.; past chairman of the Board, Connecticut Construction Industries Association 

The event is sponsored by UIL Holdings Corp. and presented by CBIA, the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, Connecticut Construction Industries Association (CCIA), and Motor Transport Association of Connecticut (MTAC).

If you’re interested in improving transportation in Connecticut for yourself or your business, plan to attend. You can register here.

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