Despite calls from businesses and citizens across the state for the legislature to make jobs this year's top priority, the Labor Committee is at it again -- introducing a proposal to mandate paid sick leave on Connecticut businesses at a minimum of one hour for every 40 hours worked.

This Thursday, Feb. 25, the legislature's Labor Committee is holding a public hearing on Senate Bill 63.

What it will do:

Connecticut employers of 50 or more hourly and non-exempt workers would have to give a minimum of one hour paid time off for every 40 hours an employee works. (Note: Advocates have expressed intent to expand this mandate to smaller businesses if it becomes law.)

It's very important that employers oppose—for the official legislative record--any and all proposals that will increase costs and make it harder to do business in Connecticut.

Lawmakers need to understand how mandating paid sick leave will impact businesses—in terms of jobs (keeping them or creating new ones), costs, and business operations.

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