Businesses welcome passage of the bipartisan jobs bill as a good first step toward improving Connecticut’s climate for job creation and economic growth.

The far-ranging scope of the package (HB 6801) and the fact that it gained overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle are especially encouraging, said CBIA President and CEO John Rathgeber.

 “We’re hopeful it represents a new beginning for the state,” said Rathgeber, “and a long-awaited change of attitude.” 

He applauded Governor Dannel Malloy for calling the special session and reaching out to lawmakers from both parties. CBIA now urges the administration and legislators to keep pursuing progress.

Boosting confidence

Aware that jobs and Connecticut’s economic future depend on the confidence of private-sector employers to compete, invest and grow here, policymakers packed scores of measures into the package.

The bill’s many components should help create jobs, attract new investment, strengthen the state’s economic base and its skilled workforce, and make Connecticut a more competitive place to do business. Many of the initiatives are echoed by CBIA’s pro-jobs agenda.  

Factors that businesses have identified as blocking their ability to create jobs in Connecticut—including a lack of support for small businesses and a regulatory environment that hinders economic development—also were addressed

The package has measures to promote innovation, develop short- and long-term workforce development strategies, and enhance the state’s economic development tools.

 “This first step is just that: a first step,” Rathgeber said. “The renewed focus on jobs and economic growth must continue past the special session. The key is what happens next. We can’t go back to ‘business as usual’ at the legislature.

"We must continue to work in a bipartisan fashion and not continue down the path that led to the perception that Connecticut is not business-friendly. Let’s build on our strengths and pursue policies that support businesses—the state’s job creators—and unlock Connecticut’s immense economic potential."

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