Lawmakers and the governor are working hard to finish work on priorities that will define the 2010 legislative session—and with a focus on jobs and the economy, momentum is growing to adopt a bipartisan package of initiatives that will improve Connecticut’s regulatory climate.

Throughout the session which began in early February, several proposals that originated in the Commerce and Environment committees have been working their way through the legislative process, gathering approvals from a variety of other committees.  These bills include measures such as:

  • Timelines for permit processing and opportunities for expedited permitting
  • More effective compliance assistance
  • Reduced paperwork for small business
  • Making sure agencies aren’t imposing “requirements” that have not been formally adopted as regulations. 

Bipartisan support for these proposals has shown that Connecticut wants to move forward to protect its environmental resources in a way that also places a high value on jobs and economic investment. 

Task force recommendations

What’s more, a permit-reform task force established by the Governor at the beginning of the session has completed its work and made several recommendations for legislative action as well.

The task force recommendations have been broadly endorsed by a variety of interests including CBIA and the AFL-CIO.

Currently, the Governor and legislative leaders from both sides of the political aisle are working toward a bill that will encompass many of the recommendations of the Governor’s Task Force along with many elements of the various bills that have gained broad backing in the House and Senate during the legislative session.

CBIA applauds the efforts of all involved and looks forward to strongly supporting such a bill.

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