Daily road delays are extremely frustrating for commuters and commercial drivers alike.

And Connecticut highways have some of the worst congestion in the US.

But one proposal this year would apply innovation to unclog backups, and it joins some other forward-looking measures that could help improve the state’s transportation infrastructure.

HJ 62 Protects the funding we need to improve our infrastructure by amending the state constitution to prohibit the use of funds in the Special Transportation Fund for anything other than transportation purposes.

SB 481 Requires DOT to develop an enhanced accident management plan to provide immediate highway congestion relief. This will #MoveCTUp by reducing traffic congestion, making it easier to do business in the state, and allowing for a freer flow of commerce from the rest of the country into New England.

SB 938 Calls for a study of ways to link the state's ports and airports via the state highway system. This could #MoveCTUp by helping the state be more strategic about transportation infrastructure connectivity, and ultimately increasing the flow of goods throughout the state.

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