The state is providing financial assistance to support a workforce development initiative to help provide on-the-job training and classroom instruction for manufacturing apprentices.

The Manufacturing Innovation Fund Apprenticeship Program will provide wage subsidies and tuition reimbursements to eligible companies in order to increase the number of apprentices in Connecticut and ensure a talented, skilled workforce for the future.

The program, through the Manufacturing Innovation Fund, is competency based, meaning individuals will earn portable credentials as they gain experience in the classroom and on the factory floor.

Initially a two-year, $7.8 million program, encourages individuals to participate and employers to become sponsors of registered apprenticeships.

Connecticut-based manufacturers involved in aerospace, medical devices, composite materials, digital manufacturing, and other commercial products and services are eligible to participate.  

Grants awarded through the program can be used for wage subsidy, tuition reimbursement and to offset the costs of gaining appropriate credentials for apprentices.

The grants can range up to $13,000 for two years of wages, up to $3,750 of tuition reimbursement, and up to $2,000 for credential costs. Assistance will leverage company funds and cannot exceed $18,750 for the two year period per apprentice.

The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development will fund the program as part of the Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund, a $30 million fund created to strengthen the competitiveness of Connecticut’s diverse manufacturing base.

"We applaud the launch of this new apprenticeship program, which will help further develop the talent and critical skills needed to help manufacturing's next generation meet the delivery and quality demands of the aerospace industry," said Danny Di Perna, senior vice president of engineering and operations at Pratt & Whitney.