Most of the jobs in manufacturing today are performed by men, even though women make up more than half of the nation’s overall workforce. 

Yet women often have qualities manufacturers need—such as good negotiating skills, and being detail-oriented, team players, and global thinkers.

CBIA’s new DVD called "You Belong: Women in Manufacturing” is designed to help women see and pursue new career opportunities that could be available to them in manufacturing.

The Connecticut Community Colleges' College of Technology's Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing (COT-RCNGM) contracted with CBIA to produce the DVD and guide, with funding from the National Science Foundation.  (The COT-RCNGM is a National Science Foundation Center of Excellence.) 

The “You Belong” project complements CBIA’s previous series of Career Pathways videos, including last year's “Manufacture Your Future 2.0” DVD and guide, also a collaboration with COT-RCNGM and with funding from the National Science Foundation.

The new DVD includes "day-in-the-life" scenarios of women in a variety of manufacturing jobs in Connecticut. Also included are commentaries by women in leadership positions in manufacturing and a segment on educational pathways.

A teacher's guide designed for 7th-12th grade educators and a colorful classroom poster are also in the package.

For more information about the DVD, contact Mary deManbey at 860.244.1975 or