Goal: Advance policies to grow our economy while safeguarding the environment. Progress was made last year to reform state government so that much-needed economic development projects can move more quickly from planning to reality—while safeguarding our environment. More progress is needed to promote brownfield redevelopment, ensure regulations include consideration of economic cost relative to environmental benefit, and place greater emphasis on compliance assistance. Those efforts will accelerate our economic recovery and help restore business confidence in Connecticut.

Adopt comprehensive brownfield legislation that simplifies the rules and requirements, clarifies liabilities and in other ways incentivizes private investment in the redevelopment of environmentally impaired properties of all sizes.

Amend DEP’s authorization for adopting general permits such that if a proposed general permit has the potential to impact sufficient number of facilities, the proposed general permit shall be considered to have the weight of a regulation and must be adopted in accordance with the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act.

Clarify that the Regulations Review Committee’s authority includes the review of summaries of written complaints received by state agencies alleging their use of guidance documents, policy statements or other instruments to impose legally enforceable requirements. 

Simplify and expedite the process for transferring licenses when a business is sold or reorganized.

Simplify the process for reclassifying ground and surface waters of the state.

Reform the state’s Underground Storage Tank Fund so that it can be an effective resource in small business compliance with state and federal requirements.

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