Hiring someone is a big decision and significant investment for employers, but under a bill before the Labor Committee, businesses would be denied very important information about job candidates’ qualifications and fitness for their workplaces.   

CBIA testified before the Labor Committee this week to oppose HB- 5061 because it will make it more difficult for Connecticut businesses to fully assess current and future employees. The proposal:

  • Narrowly defines the circumstances in which businesses may consider credit reports as a basis for employment decisions.
  • Requires credit reports to be “substantially related to the employee’s current or potential job” —an extremely limited and subjective standard, which disregards a variety of positions in which one’s credit history may bear on the individual’s trustworthiness.

For example, jobs in home care industries such as elder care, nursing care, and home security services may not be considered “substantially related” under the legislation. Yet few people would argue that fully assessing such employees isn’t necessary.   

Also, however, there are already extensive federal protections in place for job applicants subject to such background checks, through the Fair Credit Reporting Act regulating employer background check procedures. Adding another layer of state regulation on employers is not necessary and CBIA urges rejection of HB-5061.

For more information, contact CBIA’s Kia Murrell at 860.244.1931 or kia.murrell@cbia.com.