Several measures boosting education in Connecticut are ready for legislative action.

One way to help students and potential employers is to clarify the skills students graduate with when they participate in certificate and other programs.

HB 5072 creates more consistency among certificate and other programs for both students and employers.

That will not only help students make better career decisions but also help employers understand the skills that specific graduates can bring to the table.

The Connecticut State House unanimously passed this bill, which is waiting action in the Senate.

SB 379 extends the Minority Teacher Taskforce to support efforts to recruit and retain minority teachers in our schools.

This is an important issue to ensure we have a pool of diverse and qualified teachers for our students.

This bill is still awaiting action by the Connecticut State Senate.

SB 24 was also approved by the Senate and is now awaiting action by the House.

This bill allows independent colleges to react more quickly to the training needs of employers by exempting them from the Office of Higher Education approval process for new programs for two years.

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