Goal: Promote policies that reduce energy costs while improving system reliability. Energy costs in Connecticut are among the highest in the United States, but they are declining. Connecticut’s economy will grow if energy policies are stable and consistent and policymakers keep the focus on reducing costs and improving reliability.

Changing the state’s energy policies every year or two for political purposes and exploring ways to expand government into the energy business increases energy costs, undermines business confidence and harms our ability to attract and retain jobs here.


  • Review the costs and benefits of meeting the state’s renewable portfolio standard
  • Consider classifying additional non-carbon-emitting sources to the definition of renewable energy.
  • Increase the potential amount of renewable sources by allowing the utility companies to develop renewable generation.


  • Approve energy infrastructure improvements (including natural gas pipelines and electricity transmission lines) in Connecticut.
  • Improve business access to natural gas via distribution expansions.


  • Reject policies that will repeal or reduce competition or stifle private sector involvement in the energy or broadband arenas. 
  • Codify the ability to complete market-based energy efficiency projects via performance contracting.


  • Foster greater investment in broadband by eliminating outmoded and needless regulation and ensuring that competing services are subject to similar rules.

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