The following energy and technology related measures passed both the state House and Senate during the 2021 Connecticut General Assembly session and are waiting the governor's action.

  • SB 952: Requires the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to establish energy storage goals equaling 300 MW by December 2024, 650 MW by the end of 2027, and 1k MW by December 2030. The bill requires PURA to initiate proceedings to develop and implement programs associated with funding mechanisms for electric energy storage resources and outlines DEEP solicitation and procurement strategies. DEEP and PURA must report back to the Energy and Technology Committee regarding progress and implementation of the contemplated energy storage goals.
  • SB 999: Requires certain renewable energy projects that exceed 2 MW in capacity to comply with costly project development requirements found in project labor and community benefit agreements, including paying prevailing and standard wages.
  • HB 6524: Requires electric distribution companies to solicit proposals to acquire new fuel cell electricity generation projects. The proposal limits the total aggregate amount of project capacity procured under the program to be no more than 30 MW, apportioned based on EDC distribution load. PURA will have oversight to evaluate/approve such plans.
  • HB 6526: Prohibits electric suppliers from charging a residential customer a variable rate for electric generation services and deems any contract between an electric supplier and a residential customer that includes variable rates null and void. The bill prohibits supplier contracts with termination fees or early cancellation fees for residential customers.

Failed Bills

In addition to the above, CBIA closely tracked and testified on the following energy proposals. These proposals failed to pass before the close of the regular session.

  • SB 855: Decoupled the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority from DEEP. The bill was amended to direct the Office and Policy Management to conduct a study with DEEP and PURA to determine how to decouple the two entities and report back to the legislature next session.
  • SB 882: Required the state to reduce the level of emissions of greenhouse gas by Jan. 1, 2040 to zero percent from electricity supplied to electric customers. It require EDCs to file zero carbon demand reduction models/proposals and outline DEEP's review of such proposals. 
  • SB 950: Mandated the time frame for the placement of lines, conduits, cables, wires, and other equipment on replaced public utility poles and expedite certain tree trimming or removal processes.

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