With only weeks to go in the legislative session, the General Assembly has a number of proposals that could significantly improve Connecticut’s regulatory climate.

Approved by committees, these measures now await action by the full Senate and the House. Passing the proposed regulatory reform measures will help address an issue consistently identified by companies and economists as a significant barrier in Connecticut’s ability to keep and attract new, high-quality jobs.

It also will send a strong signal that Connecticut is serious about growing jobs and protecting and managing its precious environmental resources. The State Senate currently has four such bills awaiting its attention:

SB-120 addresses the uncertainty state agencies create when they use guidance and other informal policy statements as if they had the force of regulation. Such regulatory uncertainty significantly discourages investment and job creation in Connecticut.

SB-174 requires that the state’s water quality standards, which form the foundation of all water permitting and remediation requirements in the state, be adopted as regulations.  Including other agencies and legislative review in the adoption process will assure job creators that Connecticut is committed to protecting its environment in an economically sustainable way.

SB-338 also addresses the issue of certainty by requiring the DEP to determine within 60 days whether a permit application is complete.  For those considering investing in Connecticut and creating jobs, getting a timely answer to a permit application is even more important than the answer itself.  This bill will have a huge impact on investors’ willingness to take a chance on Connecticut.

SB-453 implements a variety of measures that could draw job creators to Connecticut without compromising environmental standards. Faster permitting, better compliance assistance and sensitivity to the challenges of operating a small business will all send a strong message that Connecticut is ready and serious about competing for jobs.

CBIA, our manufacturers and all our members greatly appreciate the broad, bipartisan support these bills have received in various committees. We urge the Senate to take quick action to ensure these and other important regulatory reform bills are passed and moved on to the House for its consideration as soon as possible.

Fixing Connecticut’s regulatory climate is too important to let its fate be compromised by a crowded legislative calendar at the end of the legislative session.

For more information , contact Eric Brown at  860.244.1926 or eric.brown@cbia.com.