Recognizing that Connecticut no longer can afford  a cumbersome, time-consuming and costly business regulatory climate, Gov. Rell has charged a task force with finding ways to develop a responsive balanced regulatory system in Connecticut.

She wants speedy action, too—the governor’s Executive Order calls for the group to submit specific recommendations to the legislature for action this session. 

“A responsive and balanced regulatory system is vital to promoting the state’s economy and the welfare of its citizens,” said the Governor. The regulatory system “must be targeted to accomplish this result without imposing unnecessary or excessive burdens on businesses and individuals subject to State regulation.”  

The Permitting Task Force will examine the processes by which permits are issued and develop recommendations for “simplifying, streamlining and, if appropriate, repealing such processes and shortening the time that it takes for such permits to be approved . . .”

Its recommendations must be made by March 20. CBIA has accepted an invitation to serve on the task force and welcomes all suggestions from our members for reforms to be pursued during the task force’s deliberations.  

The legislature is also focused on improving the state’s regulatory climate. A number of significant bills have been raised to address this issue and the Senate Democratic Caucus has included it as one of its top four priorities for the session.         

For more information, contact CBIA’s Eric Brown at 860.244.1926 or