Streamlining in the state Department of Administrative Services’s (DAS’s) contracting process should make it easier for many Connecticut companies to do business with the state. The agency is cutting red tape by allowing for electronic, and less frequent, filing of required forms.

DAS Commissioner Donald DeFronzo says the “commonsense” changes balance the need to simplify and streamline the bidding and contracting process and maintain a high level of integrity.   

Previously, the state’s contracting process required businesses to file four forms with the DAS every time they bid on a contract, including a consulting affidavit, gift certification, ethics summary and nondiscrimination certificate.

Now, instead of submitting these documents in hard copy when submitting each Bid/RFP, vendors can upload this information electronically where they will be kept on record by DAS. Forms will have to be updated only if information changes. The agency has set up a BizNet website for businesses to file the records.

The agency also is expanding the number of people in a business who can be authorized to file the forms. And DAS expects to begin work soon on a process to more fully automate the state contracting process by allowing for completely online bid applications and responses.

Cutting red tape is one of the most important ways to reinspire business confidence and recharge economic growth. CBIA has made several recommendations on how to cut red tape as part of its agenda for creating a climate for jobs in Connecticut.