Connecticut employers responding to a recent CBIA survey ranked healthcare costs among their top three business concerns.

Not only do employers help pay for their employees’ health insurance, but having a healthy workforce is key to their success--a healthy, productive workforce has a positive bottom line impact.

Healthcare_RankThe State Innovation Model is a state initiative that’s bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and aimed at addressing both healthcare quality and cost.

SIM includes a number of subgroups that are exploring specific aspects of our healthcare system and reporting their findings to the SIM steering committee.

One of these subgroups, the Value Based Insurance Design Consortium, is working on developing VBID insurance designs with the goal of enticing employers to utilize the new plans.

VBID plans can mean a lot of different things to different people. But at its core, VBID means a health insurance plan that encourages healthy practices or activities.

Examples of VBID are no-cost chronic disease management medications, or even some wellness programs.

Many employers in Connecticut have already taken value-based steps, such as offering no-cost flu shots.

What’s more, some of Connecticut’s self-insured employers and health insurance carriers have already incorporated VBIDs in their existing insurance plans.

The VBID Consortium includes a diverse group of stakeholders and the group has the unique opportunity to drive innovative thinking in healthcare.

The Consortium just met to review the feedback of its subgroups, including one comprised of employers.

Now, the consortium is forming new subgroups to address clinical services/conditions and high value providers.

Reports from these groups are due by the end of April.

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