With federal deadlines fast approaching, Connecticut's Health Insurance Exchange has divided up the work that needs to get done.

States have until 2014 to put a fully formed healthcare exchange in place. But to ensure that states are making adequate progress, the federal government has set up deadlines for specific actions, some as early as this fall. 

Currently, four advisory groups of Connecticut’s health insurance exchange are focusing on:

  • Creating an all-payer claims database that consumers can use for cost and quality comparisons
  • Analyzing the feasibility of instituting a state-run health insurance public option
  • Making sure that healthcare consumers have a greater voice on the exchange
  • Bridging the health equity gap between racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic demographics


In addition to these advisory groups, numerous workgroups are focusing on:

  • Analyzing the feasibility of creating a government-run basic health plan for low-income residents in Connecticut
  • Proposing various business models and scenarios; and compiling and analyzing market, feasibility, and risk assessment data
  • Promoting healthcare innovation and appropriately reforming Connecticut's healthcare delivery system
  • Recommending how to create a fully coordinated and integrated approach to the design and purchase of technology to support healthcare reform

While the fate of federal healthcare reform could be impacted by the upcoming decision of the U.S. Supreme Court, Connecticut is moving ahead as planned. The work of these advisory groups and workgroups will be critical to the success of the state’s exchange.

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