Several major transportation infrastructure projects in Connecticut are at risk of losing their federal funding if Congress fails to take action by June 30 on a bill to extend the funding.

A bipartisan committee in Congress is working on a multiyear proposal to sustain funding for transit programs, but progress has been slow. One particular sticking point is that House Republicans are pushing for the bill to include a provision to construct the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

According to the state Department of Transportation (DOT), the uncertainty of a multi-year federal funding package is making it difficult for the agency to plan for and design future projects.

Among the infrastructure projects at risk is the next phase in the larger I-95/Q-Bridge Corridor project, expected to start this year.

However, DOT said that current projects including the Q Bridge itself (New Haven), the Moses Wheeler Bridge (Stratford/Milford on I-95) and the New Britain-to-Hartford Busway are already funded.

The next phase of the I-95 project, which will cost about $30 million, involves the reconstruction and relocation of the I-95 northbound on- and off-ramps at Long Wharf Drive. It is expected to reduce congestion and improve the safety and integrity of the road.

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