One of the brightest spots for Connecticut in national competitiveness rankings is our education system and workforce quality.

Making sure that Connecticut can keep producing the talented workforce it needs for the next generation is a mission shared by employers, and educators, and now, officially, the state.

The General Assembly unanimously approved HB 7007, which is designed to implement the recommendations of the state’s Planning Commission for Higher Education.

The commission worked for years and with many stakeholders to develop a strategic plan to address Connecticut’s higher education needs and the demand for skilled talent.

Major recommendations of the commission’s plan focus on:

  • Increasing the number of adults in higher education, and their levels of academic attainment
  • Strengthening regional higher education and business collaborations aimed at producing a more competitive workforce and vibrant economy
  • Affordability for Connecticut residents

Each recommendation comes with specific targets and a base set of metrics to measure and monitor progress toward achieving the goals.

With the passage of HB 7007, and the governor’s expected signature, the next steps to implement the work of the commission can begin.

HB 6919 is another effort that supports the work of the Planning Commission for Higher Education and will study outcome based financing.  This bill was also passed both chambers and is awaiting the Governor’s signature.


HB 7023 makes a number of changes to state education statutes, but of particular importance is a section regarding student internships.

The bill exempts internships for students enrolled in an agricultural science or technology education center from certain employer liability.

While this bill is limited in its scope, it’s certainly a step in the right direction to encourage employers to undertake the time and effort of a student intern.  This will be an important milestone to continue to build on.

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