After drawing up its first list of ways to streamline state government, the Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes is holding a public hearing on Monday, Dec. 14 (10 a.m. in room 2B of the Legislative Office Building in Hartford), to learn what other people think of it—and to get more ideas from the business community.

Finding ways to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of state government is an important challenge. The more effective our state government, the healthier Connecticut’s economy and business climate will be.

Commission members want to hear how businesses have increased their efficiency and cut costs. They are also interested in products or services offered by Connecticut businesses to help at the state become more efficient.
Final recommendations from the commission are due to the governor and General Assembly by Feb. 1.

So far, the commission is recommending eliminating overlapping roles among state agencies, consolidating some data and printing functions, streamlining licensing and permitting processes, and making better use of technology.

CBIA members interested in participating in the hearing or in getting information to the commission should contact CBIA’s Kevin Hennessy at 860-244-1979 or