“Do what you said you’re going to do.” That’s the pointed message from a Connecticut voter to state policymakers now tackling the big issues facing the state.

Numerous public opinion polls during the 2010 campaign season—including one commissioned by CBIA—showed that voters were very concerned about improving Connecticut’s economy, putting people back to work, and changing the direction of fiscal policy in the state.

Candidates at all levels responded by saying Yes, we will put Connecticut on a fast track to economic recovery; yes, we will do what it takes to attract business investment and bring jobs back to the state; and yes, we will make the tough decisions to reduce the size and cost of state government and solve our massive budget problems.

Now, as Gov. Dannel Malloy’s administration takes office and with the 2011 General Assembly under way, voters are watching to see how our elected officials will live up to those promises.

Connecticut government officials must show that they understand that private-sector investment is the key to job creation and economic growth. They must realize that if Connecticut is to solve its fiscal problems and meet its other challenges, it will need to get people back to work and get our economy moving forward.

And they must reassure entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations alike that they are welcome here and that their legitimate concerns about costs and regulatory burdens will be addressed.

If those things don’t happen, we will miss out on the benefits of a national recovery, as we did during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Will policymakers now do what they said they would do, on the campaign trail?

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