CBIA member councils and committees continue to meet with state policymakers and issues experts on the subjects of concern to Connecticut employers and employees.

Members of CBIA's Manufacturers and Small Business advisory boards listen to state legislative leaders at a recent meeting in Hartford.

Here’s a brief wrap-up of recent activity:

Business Law and Liability Council

  • November 19
  • Guest: Andrew Wynne, Senior Director, State Legislative Affairs, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform
  • Topics: Status and ranking of the various states’ legal climates
  • Contact: Louise DiCocco

E2: Energy and Environment Council

  • Friday, Jan. 15
  • Guest speakers: Art Maguer, Jaimeson Sinclair and Richard Rodrigue of the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection; Karl Wagener, executive director, Connecticut Council of Environmental Quality
  • Topics: (Water Quality Committee) EPA’s E-Reporting Rule and net DMR Process; Council on Environmental Quality’s draft report and proposed recommendations; (Air Quality Committee) new annual emissions reporting requirements; (Energy Committee) electric grid modernization plans; (Waste Committee) latest developments on spill reporting, RSR revisions, brownfields and permitting.
  • Contact: Eric Brown

Government Affairs Council

  • Thursday, Jan. 21
  • Guests: Brian Durand, Gov. Malloy’s chief of staff; Paul Mounds, senior director of policy and government affairs
  • Topics: Rebuilding business confidence, state fiscal policy, the Governor’s transportation, energy, and workforce development efforts.
  • Contact: Bonnie Stewart

Labor and Employment Law Council

  • Friday, Jan. 22
  • Guest: Sen. Cathy Osten (D-Baltic)
  • Topic: Proposal to reform the claims process of the state Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities; and pre-legislative session update
  • Contact: Eric Gjede

Manufacturers Advisory Council and Small Business Advisory Council

  • Tuesday, Jan. 22
  • Guests: House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz (D-Berlin) and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-Derby)
  • Contact: Jill Coppola

Taxation and Finance Committee

  • Thursday, Jan. 21
  • Guest: Alan Clavette, a member of the State Tax Study Panel
  • Topics: The State Tax Panel’s report and recommendations; update on the report of the Commission Economic Competitiveness; and the Tax and Finance Committee's priorities for the upcoming session and next steps.
  • Contact: Bonnie Stewart

Workers’ Compensation Council

  • Thursday, Jan. 21
  • Topics: The upcoming 2016 legislative session (starting Wednesday, February 3), various workers’ compensation issues expected to arise during the session, and strategy to address them
  • Contact: Louise DiCocco