It’s worth standing up and fighting for more jobs, a thriving state economy, and a streamlined, more affordable government, say a growing number of voters, businesses and local organizations.

“We’re all concerned about the same issues—the economy and jobs,” says John Rathgeber, CBIA president and CEO. “That’s why CBIA is supporting the Partnership for Connecticut’s Future, a group of concerned employees and employers committed to fighting for economic growth, good jobs, and a more accountable state government.”

Building its membership and launching its activities this fall, the Partnership will be a bipartisan, grassroots organization of citizens, small and large businesses, chambers of commerce, and community leaders who share a vision for an economically vibrant, fiscally sound state.

Connecticut is at a historic turning point. The state has lost 100,000 jobs and is facing annual budget deficits of nearly $4 billion in both 2012 and 2013.

Surveys show that voters are apparently focused on the problems and motivated to vote this November. A public opinion poll commissioned by CBIA this summer found that an astounding 88% of respondents are “certain” to vote on Nov. 2. Nearly as many (73%) said the state’s economy was in bad shape.

With voters in Connecticut both anxious and plugged in, one of the biggest goals of the Partnership is to focus the debate among candidates on these critically important issues.

Candidates are all saying that they will make jobs and the economy their top priorities. Now it’s time to find out: How exactly are they proposing to create jobs? What will they do to grow the state’s economy? Are they willing to make government more effective and accountable?

During the election season, Partnership members will work to bring candidates and the voting public together to answer these questions and define what a healthier Connecticut would look like. Specifically, the coalition intends to work in a variety of ways to:

  • Increase voter awareness of economic issues and their impact on Connecticut
  • Encourage candidates to endorse a pro-jobs, pro-growth agenda and explain exactly how they will keep and bring jobs to the state

Since this will be a voter education campaign, no political action on behalf of or in opposition to specific candidates will be taken by the Partnership. After the election, the Partnership will provide a framework for expanding its grassroots operations and holding elected officials to what they pledged on the campaign trail.

For more information about the Partnership and to sign up, go to