What do we have to do to improve Connecticut’s economic competitiveness? What will it take to get our state consistently back into the Top 20 in national rankings of economic competitiveness, fiscal policy, and business climate?

Recent national rankings by CNBC, Forbes, Kiplingers and others show that Connecticut has an excellent quality of life and other positives but also higher costs, fiscal challenges, and certain less favorable business conditions than many, if not most, other states. 

Whether the rankings are right or wrong, they shape perceptions and impact Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and business climate. Perception is often reality, and national impressions about Connecticut can impact the decisions of business leaders and entrepreneurs in assessing the state as a place in which to operate and compete.

How can we shatter those perceptions and make Connecticut a consistently stronger performer in economic competitiveness?

Top executives of CBIA member companies are now completing the CBIA Membership Survey that's asking their perspectives on how Connecticut can reclaim Top 20 status. They will identify the issues they believe need the most urgent attention to achieve that goal.

If you have received the survey by email and haven’t completed it, please do today.  

The input of Connecticut business leaders, and their involvement in the issues, can make a critically important difference in shaping state policies to make Connecticut’s economy and business climate more competitive.

For more information, contact CBIA’s Pete Gioia at 860.244.1945 or pete.gioia@cbia.com.

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