CBIA BizCast host Ali Warshavsky speaks with Lisa Miksis of Respond Systems in Branford and Christine Cumming from Killingworth animal rehabilitation center A Place Called Hope.

Cummings has used Respond Systems’ cool laser therapy to help rehabilitate birds at her rescue center for years. 

Miksis said Respond Systems has manufactured laser therapy for animals for the past 38 years.

The non-invasive lasers promote cell regeneration and heals skin tissue and are used by veterinarians, rehabilitation facilities and zoos. Respond Systems offered lasers for Cummings to try. 

“It's like a magic wand,” said Cummings. “It really is. We used it on this bird and it probably reduced the recovery time we were used to seeing by half.”

Miksis said when animal clinics were closed during the pandemic, they received even more requests for their products that pet parents could use at home.

Respond Systems’ lasers were used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the equine barn. 

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