The Connecticut Business & Industry Association has named Philip Vogel president of CBIA Service Corp., which manages the state's leading private healthcare exchange for small businesses and provides other services to member companies.

Vogel joined CBIA Service Corp. in 1987 as senior vice president. He spearheaded the development of CBIA Health Connections in 1995 to provide healthcare insurance solutions for Connecticut small businesses.

"Phil has done an outstanding job. He has played a key role in making CBIA Health Connections the nation's leading private sector healthcare exchange for small business," said John Rathgeber, CBIA's president and chief executive officer.

"His leadership has been particularly important during this very challenging period, as he and the CBIA Health Connections team successfully helped thousands of small businesses understand and navigate the complexities of the federal Affordable Healthcare Act."

Vogel's expertise is recognized nationally, as he is often asked by federal and state government agencies and policy institutes to participate in forums and panels on the role of health exchanges and the small business market.

Along with medical and dental coverage, CBIA Service Corp. provides additional products and services for Connecticut businesses, including energy group purchasing, life and disability insurance, and additional discount programs.

CBIA also announced the promotion of Ken Comeau to senior vice president.

Comeau joined CBIA Service Corp. in 1990 as director of product development and was later named vice president, sales, products and services.

"Ken has played an instrumental role ensuring that we deliver the type and range of health insurance solutions and customer service that small businesses and their employees demand," Vogel said today.

Comeau is a frequent speaker, addressing the media and business groups on issues related to the ACA and its impact on small businesses and employee benefits.

"Small businesses continue to look to CBIA as a resource for not only managing their responsibilities under the ACA, but continuing to provide the benefits and plans that their employees need," Comeau said.

"There are numerous challenges ahead and we look forward to working with our partners and broker community by helping Connecticut businesses manage costs and improve the health of their employees."

About CBIA Service Corp.

CBIA Service Corp. is a division of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association. It offers a range of products and services to CBIA members and their employees, including medical and dental coverage, energy group purchasing, life and disability insurance, and additional discount purchasing programs. More information

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