CBIA issued the following statement today regarding the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth's refined recommendations.

"The Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth was created by the legislature last October to recommend ways for lawmakers to bring greater stability to state government finances and unlock Connecticut's economic potential. The group issued its report on March 1, 2018.

"The commission has since refined its initial set of recommendations into a concise, comprehensive list of proposals that demand serious consideration by the entire General Assembly.

"Several of these recommendations were included in the budget revisions released by Senate and House Republicans.

"We believe these recommendations should be included in any final budget plan, hopefully in a bipartisan budget supported by all members of the legislature.

“Connecticut's fiscal and economic challenges are not going to go away and they only get worse with inaction.

"The state's fiscal problems make it increasingly difficult to find the resources to invest in education, infrastructure, and other areas that are necessary to make our great state fully competitive.

"The commission's recommendations, which encompass revenue, spending, and public-sector benefit proposals, among others, are all areas that need to be addressed, beginning now.

"We urge the legislature to incorporate the commission’s refined recommendations into any final budget plan."

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