Entrepreneurial Family Firms

by Pramodita Sharma and Frank Hoy

Written for college students, entrepreneurs, and their family members, the book covers the intricate dynamics of family business management. There is more to family business management than what is taught in the traditional business curriculum. Entrepreneurial Family Firms provides an understanding of how to handle the intricate dynamics of the family and how to successfully launch, join, or lead entrepreneurial ventures in which family is involved

You Can't Fire Me, I'm Your Father: What Every Family Business Needs to Know for Success

By Neil N Koenig

Family matters can make or break a business, regardless of how skillfully the strictly business side is handled. Koenig shows how to meet the challenge of striking a happy balance.

Building Strong Family Teams

From Family Business Magazine

Building Strong Family Teams focuses on the challenges in creating effective co-leadership teams in a family business. Comprehensive and packed with real-life examples, it provides proven techniques and practical models that will increase the power of teamwork throughout the company. Its 170-plus pages covers such critical issues as:

  • How to determine titles, roles, and fair compensation in a sibling partnership
  • What rules and governance structures are needed to foster teamwork among cousins
  • How husbands and wives divide responsibilities in the business and keep home and office lives separate
  • How to build executive management teams and employee work teams

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